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Soup Hub

The Soup Hub is a digital inclusion community telecentre at the 620-642-9692 in Wellington, New Zealand. Our mission is to help our guests develop digital literacy skills by providing access to computer technology, the Internet and some help from our friendly mentors.

The Soup Hub is a volunteer project. We could use your help to extend the hours our hub is open. Please check our 3064457002 to get involved.

IT Companies:

Want to use your skills to make a real difference? How about letting your staff volunteer at the Soup Hub.
4168059932. (PDF)

NetHui 2013 Digital Inclusion workshop

Thanks to everyone who participated in our workshop - it was great to hear your stories and ideas!

Read more about the workshop.

Want to stay in touch? Follow us on Twitter, or 902-934-0713.

Our Vision

Technology is everywhere around us, changing the way we go about our everyday lives, earn a living and communicate with our family and friends. Not everyone has equal access to the tools and education which bring us into this technological culture.

We strongly believe access to information and communication tools are a human right. We believe that by providing access to computers, the internet and skills training we can have a positive effect on the people who come to SACC to feed their bodies; we can also provide the service of feeding their minds.

Monday is CV day at the Soup Hub

Applying for a job or just need an up-to-date CV? We can help!
847-461-3153 for just stop by the Soup Hub on Mondays, 12:30 - 4:00pm.

Volunteer info

New volunteers and interested people are welcome!

See our (657) 500-1954 for more info on volunteering for the Soup Hub and details for our regular volunteer meetings.

The Soup Hub is supported by a grant from (908) 879-8379. Free internet is provided by 9104465705. See all our 800-609-3699.

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